UK Gas Hob Recall: Concerns over gas hob elbow joints

In a recent recall by the Office for Product Safety and Standards, several UK gas hob manufacturers have been identified as presenting serious risks, with the most immediate action required by those using their hob in caravans, motorhomes, and leisure homes.

Safety is paramount and while this doesn’t impact Flogas products, many of our customers may be impacted and through our duty of care we want to ensure this information is shared widely.

Under the corrective action program, nine UK gas hob manufacturers are initiating a modification program for the affected products. This program will ensure that the identified safety issues are addressed, and the hobs are safe for use. The manufacturers have committed to visiting homes with affected hobs and implementing necessary modifications.

A comprehensive list of affected products is available from the Office for Product Safety Standards.

What does this mean for Flogas customers?

Customers should check if their appliance is listed among the recall. Those with affected hobs should immediately turn off and disconnect their gas bottles.

Crucially, the recall affects only the hobs themselves and not the gas or the cylinder it comes in. LPG remains safe to use when handled correctly and according to established guidelines.

Once the hob has been checked by the manufacturer, you can continue to use the same gas and cylinder as before. In the meantime, you can continue to use your gas with other appliances.

Tips for safe LPG use

  • Always ensure any connections are secure and not leaking
  • Regularly check the hose for any signs of wear, cracks or kinks. Hoses should be replaced every 10 years and the manufactured date is printed on it.
  • Regularly check the regulator for any damage or signs of wear. Contact your local stockist who can assist.
  • Ensure your gas bottle is properly secured, upright and with plenty of ventilation
  • While travelling, secure your LPG bottle properly
  • Always switch off any LPG powered appliances when not in use
  • Check any site rules on storing your gas bottle before your trip.

For more information on gas safety, visit our safety hub