Cylinder Dealer Budget Bottle Gas - Product Recall

What’s Happened?

Flogas Britain today announced a voluntary recall of butane gas cylinders that have been purchased from Budget Bottle Gas Limited at 28 Forth St, Bootle, Liverpool, due to potentially serious health and safety issues.

The precautionary recall comes after Flogas obtained evidence that suggested these cylinders may have been improperly filled with propane instead of butane and as a result they must not be used.

The affected butane cylinders (13kg, 7kg, 4.5kg) are only those supplied by Budget Bottle Gas Limited, and no other cylinders supplied directly by Flogas or any other Flogas dealer or distributor are affected.

Lee Gannon, Managing Director of Flogas Britain said: “Customer safety is at the heart of everything we do, so we are very troubled by this situation. Flogas has sophisticated systems in place to ensure that it is not possible for butane cylinders to be filled with propane, so our conclusion is that these cylinders have been improperly tampered with.”

Gannon continued: “As a result of this situation, Budget Bottle Gas Limited are no longer an authorised Flogas dealer and are not permitted to handle our cylinders. We are taking legal advice regarding the situation with Budget Bottle Gas Limited, but in the meantime, the most important thing to us is to ensure these potentially dangerous cylinders are replaced.”

What you should do?

Customers in possession of Flogas butane cylinders purchased or supplied by Budget Bottle Gas Limited, are asked to stop using them immediately and contact Flogas on 0800 028 9182 who will collect the cylinders and replace them free of charge.