Is your oil tank an eyesore?

Many off-grid residents choose to live in rural areas for the stunning views, but this can be ruined by a bulky heating oil tank that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Heating tanks also take up a lot of space - regulations require tanks to be located at least 1.8 metres away from doors, windows, non-fire rated eaves, sheds, and flue terminals. If this isn’t possible, then a fire protection barrier needs to be erected and this will also potentially ruin the garden views you’re seeking.


Alternative, more visually appealing options

This is why many homeowners are considering alternative options such as LPG, liquid petroleum gas, which can help you reclaim your space. Since it produces fewer carbon emissions and has a lower sulphur content, LPG can create a more pleasant, less smelly living environment, too.

But the benefits don’t stop there. LPG offers a plethora of storage options. You could choose a like for like above-ground option placed behind a screen, but many people are choosing more discreet options from underground tanks to compact cylinders that can be stored in a cabinet next to your home. You get more flexibility to protect the landscape and space that you most likely moved to the countryside to enjoy!

Within your home, LPG can provide added perks with a range of different boiler styles on offer from various manufacturers. Again, giving you more choice in the kind, and size, of boiler you install.


Minimal infrastructure changes

Switching to LPG doesn't require a complete infrastructure overhaul either since it can use existing hot water tanks and heating systems, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation with minimal changes. A Gas Safe Engineer will be able to advise on the best boiler for your home based on your likely usage and what you prefer aesthetically.

Long-term, your LPG installation won’t corrode or get covered in a black dusty material known as black carbon, because LPG is non-corrosive, emits almost no black carbon, and there’s no spillage risk since it turns into a gas when released.


Ready to make the switch?

Making the switch to LPG could be the best thing you do for your living environment, giving you a similar energy-rich fuel source to heating oil, but without the large eyesore that a heating oil tank can be. To discover more about LPG, check out our guide.