How to free up space by replacing your old oil boiler

You might be considering replacing your old oil boiler with a more compact alternative for your off-grid home.

Compared to oil boilers, today’s range of LPG boilers can be more visually appealing by taking up less space, plus storage options are more varied compared to oil storage. There are various LPG boiler models available, to suit different heating requirements and spaces, plus LPG can be stored in storage tanks, cylinders, and underground.


A versatile option

LPG is a relatively versatile fuel compared to oil since alongside heating, it can also be used for cooking. Because it’s a colourless, hydrocarbon gas, LPG also produces fewer smells and ash compared to burning oil. Not only do you potentially get more space using LPG, but your overall home environment is more pleasant.


Future-ready fuel

With this in mind, you can understand why LPG systems are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to oil. Considering your options now could be a forward-thinking move. LPG can be the ideal bridging solution for households considering their carbon footprint too, since it emits fewer carbon emissions than oil and up to 33% less than coal.


Many storage options

As for your storage options, with LPG you can have a bulk fuel storage tank that’s stored underground which offers the cost benefits of buying in bulk but without an unsightly tank visible in your garden. Where this isn’t an option, you can still install an LPG tank above ground, potentially with a screen to make it more visually appealing or use two to four cylinders which are compact and can be placed closer to your home within a cabinet.

Switching to LPG doesn't require a complete infrastructure overhaul either. It utilises existing water tanks, cylinders, and pipework systems, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation with minimal changes. A Gas Safe Engineer will be able to advise on the best solutions for your home and ensure that the boiler you invest in is the most fuel-efficient for your heating needs.


If you’re ready to make the switch to LPG, Flogas is here to help. With 40 years of experience fuelling off-grid homes, our experts can answer any questions you might have about LPG tanks and advise you with a free no-obligation site survey. Contact us now.