Flogas Response: BBC's "The House that 100k Built"

On 2nd October, BBC Two televised an episode of ‘The House that 100k Built’ which included footage of the homeowner cutting up a Flogas 47kg cylinder using an electric saw. This incident is extremely concerning for two reasons:

1. LPG cylinders contain pressurised flammable, potentially explosive product. Even if the cylinder was believed to be empty, there is a chance that any gas left in the cylinder could react to the sparks from the saw and cause an explosion.

2. LPG cylinders are the property of gas companies, even after use. We are the only bodies authorised to dispose of them. 

Flogas took immediate action after the airing of this programme, and made contact with the BBC, receiving a positive response.

The BBC has taken our concerns seriously, and has removed the House that 100k Built from BBC iPlayer,re-edited the relevant sections of the programme to remove references to the dangerous use of gas cylinders, and undertaken not to repeat the original version of the episode.

For further information and guidelines on cylinder use, please click here.