LPG for Forklifts

The benefits of using LPG for FLTs are becoming increasingly apparent. Flogas is a firm believer in the advantages of using LPG in this capacity, and is determined to promote the fuel as an excellent alternative to electrically powered trucks.


Featuring a sealed fuel system and designed to stringent specifications, LPG powered Fork Lift Trucks are very safe to use. Furthermore, refilling an LPG powered fork lift can be done on site by simply switching cylinders.

Emit Less Pollution

The carbon emission level is much lower for LPG than for other fuels, which means an LPG powered fork lift can be used indoors without the need for as much ventilation as a diesel powered alternative. LPG powered forklifts are the preferred choice in food industries for the same reason; lower contamination risk.

Superior Performance

Forklifts are more powerful than their electric counterparts and do not require overnight charging. An LPG forklift can operate at maximum efficiency as long as there is fuel in the cylinder, whereas electric fork lifts suffer a reduction in power and efficiency as the battery runs out and also as it degrades over the lifespan of the forklift.

Ease of Maintenance

The consequence of the efficiency of LPG systems is lower maintenance costs. An LPG forklift does not require expensive new batteries and the clean fuel means the exhaust systems can last much longer.

With these benefits in mind, LPG seems to be the obvious choice for powering fork lift trucks.