Liquid Gas UK Statement on LPG Supply in UK

Liquid Gas UK Statement on LPG Supply in UK image 1

Liquid Gas UK, the governing body for the UK’s LPG Industry, has issued a statement on LPG Supply in the UK:

“LPG customers advised to monitor tank levels as a precaution over refinery supply interruption

As a result of some UK refinery supply interruptions, Liquid Gas UK is advising LPG customers to check their LPG levels and speak to their supplier if their tank is below their suppliers recommended order level. (Our recommended order level is 40%)

Oil refineries in the UK are a significant source of LPG supply and any disruption can affect the ability to supply to LPG customers. The distribution of LPG is coordinated by the Liquid Gas members and is continually invested in to improve storage and import capacity.  However, a reduction in supply from refineries can affect the standard delivery operations. 

Liquid Gas UK is aware of UK refinery supply interruptions, that could last a few weeks and could affect some regions in the UK, such as the South of England. As such, we advise customers to regularly review stock levels and discuss with their supplier as appropriate.

Liquid Gas UK and its members will continue to work closely with UK refineries, UK Government and industry stakeholders to monitor the situation. 

Prior to these supply interruption reports, the industry has taken important steps to reduce the likelihood of an interruption having a negative impact on customers. As part of a long-standing resilience programme, the industry has increased its communications to customers to encourage checking and ordering ahead the winter period, when demand is at its highest throughout the year.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as the situation is resolved.  In the meantime, we recommend LPG customers check their tank and contact their supplier. With different distribution channels in operation across the country, customers’ suppliers will be able to provide more accurate information about their individual supply situation.”


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