Fuel up with Flogas at IMHX 2019

IMHX 2019


Visitors to this year’s IMHX exhibition will be able to meet with the energy experts at Flogas (stand 6C178), and hear first-hand how liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) have become the ultimate energy solutions for the logistics industry. Whether its to fuel forklift trucks (FLTs) or to power a fleet of heavy goods vehicles – the team at Flogas will be showcasing just how LPG and LNG can have a major impact on a business’s carbon footprint, operational efficiencies and bottom line. They will also be providing advice on the best supply options, and how they provide tailored solutions to deliver the best results for your business, from bulk LPG or LNG tanks through to a full range of cylinders.


LPG – the choice fuel for forklifts


For businesses operating FLTs, Flogas will be highlighting how LPG can keep productivity high, whilst making significant savings. As companies face mounting pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, LPG provides a cleaner, greener alternative to diesel – producing fewer CO2 emissions as well as fewer Particulate Matter (PM10) particles for improved air quality. It also eliminates the risk of costly spillages, and won’t leave soot on valuable produce – a particular concern for the food and drink industry.  

As well as being cleaner, more efficient and cheaper than diesel, LPG provides excellent advantages compared to electricity too. It’s more powerful, more reliable and offers superior operational flexibility, as it can be used for prolonged periods both indoors and out. There are also fewer upfront costs to consider. LPG trucks are typically cheaper to buy and maintain and there’s no need for costly recharging equipment, batteries or battery disposal. Refuelling with LPG is also quicker, helping to keep productivity high and unwanted downtime to a minimum.


Bulk LPG – a reliable, refillable supply


For businesses with larger FLT fleets, Flogas will be showcasing its convenient bulk supply option. This is where a tank (or multiple tanks) are installed on your premises on a movable skid unit, creating your own refuelling station. Not only does this allow FLTs to be refilled as and when they need, it can be done quickly and easily, without having to manually remove heavy cylinders off the back of trucks. This reduces costly downtime and improves safety for employers too. Flogas offers training programmes for customers using skid units, ensuring operatives know how to safely refuel FLTs. It also remotely monitors your usage and automatically tops you up, so you never run out.


Cylinders – LPG when you need it

For smaller operations with fewer FLTs, or those without the space for a bulk supply, then Flogas will be exhibiting its range of pre-filled cylinders. These are delivered straight to customers’ premises using Flogas’s market-leading LPG distribution network. On show at IMHX 19 will be its 18kg FLT cylinders, which fit perfectly on forklifts and provide up to 7.5 hours of operating time. Compact and efficient, they’re easy to handle and can be changed easily in minutes.


Your chance to win!

Visitors to Flogas’s stand at IMHX 19 (stand 6C178), will be invited to take part in a fun remote-control FLT game, where they’ll be challenged to move a pallet in the fastest time possible. The speediest FLT driver will win a Google Home Max worth £300.

1 LPG for Forklift Trucks (WLPGA)