Flogas partners with Himoinsa to deliver liquid gas power solution

Partnership helps businesses to cut emissions and avoid diesel price hikes


Leading liquid gas supplier Flogas Britain has partnered with power generator manufacturer Himoinsa to provide a cleaner, more cost-effective energy solution for UK businesses currently relying on diesel generators. Together, they’ll provide turnkey liquid gas solutions to companies with onsite power generation needs, helping them to immediately lower their emissions and make significant cost savings following red diesel subsidy changes in April.



“Businesses running their generators on diesel will have recently faced significant price hikes, now that the subsidy has been lifted across most sectors,” says David Taylor, Commercial Director at Flogas. “They also need to meet increasingly pressing sustainability targets and legislative requirements, which means many are now looking to invest in lower carbon alternatives. This is where liquid gas offers the perfect solution. Not only is it cheaper than diesel, but it’s much cleaner too, producing far fewer carbon and other pollutant emissions that impact air quality.


“This is why we wanted to team up with a key player in the power generation business. Himoinsa’s not only a leading manufacturer with top quality technology and expertise, but it’s also forward thinking and shares our vision to help businesses on the road to a lower carbon future. By joining forces, we can help companies make that transition from more polluting diesel and save them money in the process. Plus, we’ll manage everything for them – from design and specification, through to installation and ongoing support.”

Clive Dix, MD at Himoinsa adds: “As a leading designer and manufacturer of power technology, we’re fully committed to providing greener power solutions for our customers. It’s why we’ve been producing gas generators for more than ten years now, and why we offer a wide range of other alternative power options like biodiesel, battery storage and others under development like hydrogen. As we work to drive a greener energy transition, gas will play a vital role. That’s why we wanted to partner with a leading liquid gas specialist like Flogas. Working together we’ll be able to combine our expertise and really enhance our offering to customers.”


As well as cutting costs and carbon emissions, liquid gas also emits far fewer nitrous oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter (PM), making it the perfect solution for emission-sensitive sites. It’s highly dependable, can be stored directly onsite (above or underground) and delivers consistent power, keeping productivity high. It’s also quiet to run and safe to store, with no risk of spilling or being stolen.


As partners, Flogas and Himoinsa will provide completely tailored liquid gas solutions for businesses with both temporary and permanent power generation needs. They will be able to select from Himoinsa’s range of state-of-the-art generators and will benefit from a reliable liquid gas supply from Flogas along with dedicated customer support. Liquid gas tanks will also be fitted with auto ordering technology, which triggers a refill when levels are running low and ensures customers always have the power they need.



“At Himoinsa we’ve been developing world-leading gas solutions for over a decade,” adds Manuel Aguilera, Global Gas Unit Head. “We’re always pioneering new and unique technologies for our customers, such as our range of LPG generators with integrated tanks (patent pending), and we optimise our solutions so that customers can get the very best out of our equipment. As well as helping businesses transition to greener energy, we also want to make the whole process as easy as possible. Thanks to our new partnership with Flogas, we’ll be able to do just that, providing a complete start-to-finish solution.”


“We’re excited to be working alongside the best in the power generation business, as we help customers adopt more futureproof fuels,” adds David Taylor. “Switching from diesel to liquid gas will deliver immediate cost and emissions savings, but it will also set them on the right road to net zero emissions. Over time, Bio-LPG will take its place, and when it does, those running on liquid gas can simply drop it into existing equipment with no changes needs – making them future ready.”